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stone coated steel roof tiles

Stone coated metal roofing tile is the use of high technology production, excellent anticorrosion property of galvanized steel as substrate, with strong weathering of acrylic resin as adhesive, to color natural basalt pieces of gravel for the surface layer of the new senior roofing material. Because of its beautiful, lightweight, durable, environmental protection, in recent years has become the mainstream of international roofing products. Our company is committed to R & D and production design is exquisite, sophisticated materials, excellent quality stone coated metal roofing tile products, for domestic and foreign customers to provide beautiful, durable, safe, environmentally friendly world-class roofing system.
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      Foshan New Sunlight Roof Tile Factory offers high quality stone coated roof tiles.We are the professional manufacturer in producing stone coated metal roof tile in China Since 2000, same desiged as Decra roofing, and all of our roof tile have CE, SONCAP certificate with 50...Read More
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      NEW SUNLIGHT® stone coated roofing tiles Panels which weigh about 1/8th of the previously mentioned heavyweight choices can strengthen a home's structure.Read More
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