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SONCAP Certificate Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles

Stone coated metal roofing tile is the use of high technology production, excellent anticorrosion property of galvanized steel as substrate, with strong weathering of acrylic resin as adhesive, to color natural basalt pieces of gravel for the surface layer of the new senior roofing material. Because of its beautiful, lightweight, durable, environmental protection, in recent years has become the mainstream of international roofing products

SONCAP Certificate stone coated metal roof tiles ,hot sell in Nigeria ,Kenya ,Gambia and some Africa Market 

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Colorful Stone Coated Metal Roofing Tiles -  Shingle design 

(1) Thickness


(2) Weight

2.3~3.2kg per piece

(3) overall size


(4) valid size


(5) acreage per tile


(6) sheets per square meter


(7) package

400-600pieces per package

(8) loading

8000~10000pcs/20ft container with accessories

(9) normal color

red; black; green; charcoal black; weathered brown; grey; sapphire blue...12 standard colors

(10) pecial color

Can be produced as request

SONCAP of stone coated roof tiles .jpg 

Projects of stone coated metal roof tiles in Nigeria 

Projects of stone coated metla roof tiles in Nigeria .jpg

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