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stone coated metal roofing material in Cote D'Ivoire

Soncap,Bv,Iso Certified Stone Coated Metal Roofing Tile&roofing Sheet Building Material Colorful Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile,solar Roof Panel,metal Roofing Tile Sheet Dalian New Sunlight Building Material Co., Ltd. (New Sunlight Building Material Co., Limited) is the first company which...

stone coated metal roofing material in Cote D'Ivoire

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Mainly color card of stone coated metal roofing material

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ClassicShingleWood shakeRomanRainbow
Overall length1335mm1335mm1320mm1320mm1335mm1320mm
Overall width420mm420mm420mm420mm420mm420mm
Length of cover1080/1270mm1080/1270mm1260mm1270mm1260mm1260mm
Width of cover380mm380mm380mm380mm370mm370mm

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Stone coated steel roofing was developed over 50 years ago in New Zealand. It is normally mounted on wood strips called battens, but as the trend for stone covered steel roofing moved into the United States, the need for battens was modified in order to apply it over existing asphalt or wood shingle roofs. Deciding to place a roof either with battens or without depends on the type of design and the location or climate.

It provides exceptional wind resistance and is especially helpful in areas that have a high hurricane season, such as Florida. In this case, it would be recommended to use the batten-less method of steel roofing, which provides better resistance to high winds. Batten roofs work better in areas where hail could be a problem and areas where roofs are steep since the battens make installation easier. It is undoubtedly easier to install stone coated steel roofing without battens because of its prime wind resistance. Batten-less installations of steel roofing do not need excessive wood framing to make the roof more energy efficient. Although there is a slight increase in energy efficiency with battens, it is not enough to make up for the beneficial weather resistance of batten-less roofing. It is, however, necessary to install batten framing when the roof is being laid over an existing wood shingle or if the home is without an attic.

Both methods meet all North American building codes and California Title-24 Energy Codes, ensuring a more environmentally friendly structure.

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