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The Unique Structure Of Cheap Stone Coated Roofing Tiles

The Unique Structure of cheap stone coated roofing tiles 


  • Acrylic acid polishing layer

  •  to increase  the brightness and  adhesiveness of color  sand and to avoid the   water leakage.

  • Color sand layer

  •  to resist the ultraviolet ray,  lower the noise when raining, and increase the decoration    appearance. 

  • Acrylic acid adhesives

  • to adhere the relative structure and provide protection for the bottom layer.

  • Protective layer

  •  to protect the aluminum coated zinc plate and increase the wear-proof, anti-rust performance and adhesiveness.

  • Aluminum coated zinc plate

  • increased anti-rust  performance  and  high  heat  radiation  can prolong  the  service  life and energy-saving as well


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