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The New Version Of Glass Tire Asphalt Tile

The new version of glass tire asphalt tile national standards

The new version of "glass tire asphalt tile" national standards will be formally implemented in November this year

Fiberglass asphalt shingles are the most used roofing materials in North American civil buildings, and have double functions of decoration and waterproof. In the late 1980s, we introduced multifunctional production equipment to produce asphalt tile from Europe. But the production of small, not widely used, making the JC/T 503 - 1992 "shingle" industry standard. At the beginning of this century, Shanghai waterproof building materials (Group) company introduced asphalt tile production line from Germany, the United States Owens Corning, Italy Tegola, Canada IKO and other products have entered the market China. Zhejiang, Tianjin, Shandong, Jiangsu, Liaoning and other domestic manufacturers have launched the production of asphalt shingles, 2004 construction area of 30 million square meters, and the development of the GB/T 20474 - 2006 "" national standard of glass fibre reinforced asphalt tile.

GB/T 20474 - 2006 "fiberglass tire asphalt tile" national standard since February 1, 2007 implementation of the 9 years, asphalt tile production and application situation has undergone great changes. First, our homemade asphalt tile production equipment has been greatly improved, from artificial cut to mechanical hob, the development of automated production lines, labor productivity has been greatly improved. Two is the asphalt tile product quality has improved, raw materials from most of the modified asphalt to oil asphalt, tile combustion performance has improved. The three is the product from a single variety of flat tile to tile and imbricate can produce, adapt to the diversified development of roofing materials. Four is the sand quality has been greatly improved, eliminated mainly by sintering dyeing sand, sand, and implement the "1071 - 2008" asphalt tile sand used in industry standard JC/T. Five is the asphalt tile application field continues to expand, from the initial "flat slope", "old house transformation", promotion to residential quarters, villas, resorts, public and commercial buildings and other new areas. Six asphalt tile imports in the past large, has now greatly reduced. At present, China's asphalt tile has a small amount of exports to the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa and other countries and regions. But in recent years, the production and application of asphalt tile is facing new challenges. Because of the diversity of roofing materials, the fierce market competition, Owens Corning in production, Chinese Tegola products factory in Italy and China Chinese exit market, real estate market adjustment, the asphalt tile production is stagnating. At the same time, China's asphalt tile product quality, such as combustion performance and product life expectancy compared with foreign products gap. According to China Construction waterproof Association statistics: China's 2013 asphalt tile production of 34 million 460 thousand square meters, in 2014 was $24 million 460 thousand square meters, compared with the previous year fell by 28.5%. The main production province, the city is Zhejiang, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shandong, Liaoning, Sichuan and other provinces and cities, mostly annual production of 1 million square meters of small and medium-sized enterprises. The production of large amount of Tianjin red, Shanghai, Yu Jinxia Zhejiang Tianxin enterprise. Therefore, the face of asphalt tile production and application of the grim situation and challenges, summary of national standards since the implementation of the experience and lessons, revision GB/T 20474 - 2006 very necessary.

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