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Stone Coated Metal Roofing Residential Used In Homes With Better Seismic Capaci

stone coated metal roofing residential used in homes with better seismic capaci

processing of stone coated metal roofing residential used in homes with better seismic capacity

Source: Shandong metal roofing company: Anonymous released :2011-12-26 modified :2011-12-26

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Although China's metal roofing residential develop, but compared with the more mature countries of Japan, the United States and other metal roofing metal roofing processing technology, there is a big gap. Insiders said that, our metal roofing residential in order to rapid development, there are still many problems to solve.
Metal roofing residential cost does gain some advantages, but is not the case in practice. The actual operation of the professional and technical personnel would like to lack of supporting parts of the production system is not perfect, these factors make the cost of metal roofing residential, may be about 1.5 times the concrete structure, which caused the metal roof in the lower, middle and low residential uncompetitive.

For residential stone coated metal roofing and metal roofing processing technology is not mature. The metal roof does have the advantages of traditional building materials can not be replaced, but in the choice of building materials, developers must first consider the needs of the product and market feasibility.

Development of such products will have a certain market risks. Not going to select metal roofing for residential building materials, but not exclusive, will be selected based on market demand. However, the group of more than the sea of ??opinion, the reason why metal roofing residential promotion blocked, the cost is not the key problem, mainly due to structural maintenance and the main connection technology is not mature enough, leading to the common people do not accept the concept, and believe that as good as the concrete structure housing strong. Therefore, the so-called metal roofing residential market, pure metal roof construction is relatively small, mostly a mixture of concrete and steel structure.

Domestic metal roofing residential development construction process must be really good job in the maintenance of the structure, strict supervision of the production and quality of the connection components, through the plain of the actual project, so that people get real and transparent understanding. At the same time, efforts in the residential comfort and durability, so that people live at ease and peace of mind.

Existing metal roofing residential is not a structural problem, but construction problems. Good stone coated metal roofing residential earthquake strong emphasis should be resolved now is building technical issues, to convince people that lived in nice, rather than just looking good.

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