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Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile Is Widely Used To Cover The Roof, It Has Many Adva

stone coated metal roof tile is widely used to cover the roof, it has many advantages 

stone coated metal roof  tile is widely used to cover the roof, it has many advantages:
\ R \ n beautiful appearance
\ R \ n light weight and sturdy. (4.7 kg / m)
\ R \ n tiles to install and easy to use.
\ R \ n long life (up to 50 years)
\ R \ n unique ecological security and fire protection features
\ R \ n durable, effective against mechanical and atmospheric pressure.
\ R \ n Metal tile also has a big advantage, competitive prices, the company's price is half the price of Western manufacturers, product quality is a leading position in the global
DALIAN the NEW SUNLIGHTSTONE COATED METAL ROOFING TILE companies provide metal tile with the Finnish imports of the latest and most advanced equipment for production, there are three models: the Meng Jie column, Lux and Spain Duna. The production of raw material is cold rolled galvanized steel with polyester protective layer, a total of 35 colors. Steel to provide by Finland Metallurgical Company RAUTARUUKKI ". Germany's Thyssenkrupp Stahl, AG, "the world's major producer of galvanized steel of the polymer surface. We recommend that you first measurement and then decided to order the size of the tile will be installed on the roof with a computer. Because all the metal tiles are produced in accordance with the specific dimensions of the roof, so the installation does not have any inconvenience. Up to 3,4 days from the receipt of your order to complete the production.

CHINA the NEW SUNLIGHT STONE COATED AND STEEL ROOF TILES color stone metal tile features (compared to traditional clay tile, asphalt shingles, cement tile, etc.):
Earthquake resistance - the earthquake, STONE COATED METAL ROOF TILE will not fall like normal tiles, reducing the wounded situation.
Wind resistance - typhoon or hail and strong wind zone, the use of very safe.
Fire resistance - when the fire will not spread the fire, the use of safety.
Light - light weight, reduce the loading capacity of the building.
Of durability - metal tile corrosion-resistant galvanized steel plate and the natural color stone tablets, to ensure its long life.
Convenient construction - light weight, large area, accessories, and greatly reduce the construction strength, shorten the construction time.
Environmental protection - metal tile can re-use, reduce waste disposal costs.
Noise reduction -metal roof tile surface of the natural color stone layer can absorb rain and reduce noise.
Economy - in the old building roof construction, do not need to removed any roofing materials, can be applied directly, making the waste disposal costs minimized.
Anti-snow - metal tile bump type surface with a layer of natural stone tablets, in the winter when it snows, the snow will not into a block slide.sorry for login out yesterday night

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