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New Sunlight Metal Roofing System Overview


Through careful research and testing, new sunlight rof tile are able to stay intact under the pressure of intense impacts, such as from large hailstones or pieces of debris crashing into them. The strength and durability of these roofsis backed by a Class 4 impact rating and 2.5” hailstone warranty, allowing your family and insurance company to rest easily.pvc tile roof.jpg

The Best Roofing in Hurricanes and Tornados

New sunlight roofing systems provide comfort in the form of noise reduction, but they also offer superior protection against wind. Gerard’s stone-coated metal roofing systems have been independently evaluated and tested, surpassing industry standards for high-velocity wind and wind-driven rain. Their interlocking steel panels and fastening methods stand up to extreme winds with dramatically less damage than asphalt, concrete or clay roofs. Gerard’s roofing systems are backed by a lifetime 120 mph wind warranty to further solidify the protection that this investment will provide your home with.aluminum roof tile.jpg

Best Roofing System for Earthquakes

New sunlight roofing systems are apt at withstanding earthquakes because of their lightweight material, robust fastening and sheer strength. In fact, an independent survey of the aftermath of the Northridge, California, earthquake of January 17, 1994 showed minor damage to only 1% of homes protected by metal roofing systems. Conversely, over 50% of concrete and clay roofs observed were significantly damaged.

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