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stone coated steel roof - one of the most market potential of the new roofing ma

stone coated steel roof - one of the most market potential of the new roofing ma

                 stone coated steel roof - one of the most market potential of the new roofing materials

traditional roofing materials can not meet the construction requirements of the development of new types of roofing materials have come into being. According to the development trend of international building materials, roofing materials a positive light, beautiful, environmentally friendly, waterproof fire, sound and thermal insulation, and other direction. However, asbestos, cement tile and the rise in recent years, steel tile, and so difficult in terms of performance while meeting the needs of environmental protection and energy saving. To achieve many of the difficult problems of traditional roofing construction materials "15" planning "high-strength, lightweight, energy conservation, and land, waste utilization, environmental protection," all of the features require large number of domestic enterprises roofing composites of exploration and innovation. is the sudden emergence as a new type of roofing materials, stone coated steel the roof.
    stone coated steel roof - one of the most market potential of the new roofing materials

    In the late 20th century, many cities the implementation of the "flat slope" project, add a boost of power for the rapid development of new roofing materials.

    According to statistics released by the National Bureau of Statistics, China's real estate development and annual investment of up to tens of thousands of yuan. The rapid growth of the real estate investment and consumption to the building materials industry has brought a huge market space. The vast majority of domestic county, city asbestos each year, the amount of iron picowatt other products in more than 500 000 capital cities, with a capacity of ten million. "Flat slope" has been vigorously promoted and applied, and brought enormous business opportunities for the tile industry. At present, the country promoting the "flat slope" project with the roofing materials with light weight, rich colors and bright, waterproof performance is good, simple construction, and affordable. According to published figures of Shanghai Residential Development Council, the Shanghai since 2003 "flat slope" project, the annual transformation of the roof area of ??more than 300 million square meters. Meanwhile, Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Wuhan and other major cities in the flat to pitched works have started. In the next few years, "'32-way flat to pitched roof light decoration materials will provide a huge market space.

   stone coated metal roof tiles of the important features are: (1) showed a wave shape in the main, or linear-shaped or concave arc-shaped watt positively one of the side of a longitudinal groove; (2) the other side watts on the back can be a longitudinal and vertical groove interlocking convex edge.

    Highlight the effect of the stone coated steel roofing is: environmentally-friendly, avoiding the waste of land burning masonry; advanced formulation process, product flame retardant, high strength, good toughness, resistance to aging, temperature characteristics of excellent, long service life; weight light, such as nails or adhesive installation, strong, wind shock, will be basically exempt from maintenance and insulation.

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