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stone coated steel roof from china and Africa

stone coated steel roof from china and InterBuild Africa

South Africa 2012 International Building Materials Exhibition (InterBuild Africa) 
View building HVAC trade show opening time :2012 -8-15 to view the exhibition in South Africa 
Closing time :2012 -8-18 
Start Year: 1968 
Exhibition period: every two years 
Venue: Exhibition Centre, Nasrec Johannesburg, South Africa 
Organizing Committee: Specialised Exhibition Co., Ltd.

        ★ Building materials: ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, paint, wallpaper, modified materials, furniture, kitchenware, hardware, flooring materials, wood products, decorative parts, decorative natural stone, stone coated metal roofing tiles materials.artificial decorative stone, glue, waterproof, sealing materials, paints, building metals and other chemicals; 
        ★ doors and windows, ceiling and roof materials: including wood windows and doors;  stone coated metal roofing tiles materials
        ★ heating, ventilation and materials include: air conditioning and ventilation systems, water supply and water for gas, fire safety systems, heating, ventilation network, valves, piping, electrical facilities, lighting systems and instrumentation, refrigeration systems, sanitary facilities, hardware and accessories ; 
        ★ construction equipment: construction machinery, construction equipment, site protection products, construction site facilities. 
Show Description 
        Interbuild Africa is South Africa's largest building materials brand development, from South Africa hosted the famous exhibition company Specialised-INTERBUILD AFRICA Since 1968, it has been 40 years of history. Display includes the construction, drainage, water supply and sewage treatment, HVAC / R, glass and aluminum, and wood processing development. Interbuild Africa, focusing on the latest developments in the establishment of extensive services and construction sectors. Civil engineering equipment from the housing product, plant and equipment leasing, scaffolding and structured products, including building bricks, tiles, cement, floor and doors, windows, roof, lighting and paint. 
        Interbuild Africa every two years, its highly specialized, large-scale features in the international community has won a reputation as South Africa, one of the most professional building materials exhibition, and won the international professional exhibition UFI certification. 
        September 8, 2010 -11 days, Interbuild Africa held in Johannesburg, the exhibition area of ??10,714 square meters, attracted 459 exhibitors around the world, received from 48 countries and regions 8660 professional buyers, compared with 2008 annual growth of 12.7%, including 319 international buyers. 
Market Background 
        South Africa as Africa's most economically developed writer, the construction industry has developed rapidly. At present, Africa is more developed regions, especially South Africa, the ongoing large-scale infrastructure, in terms of product variety, quality, price or terms, China's building materials, production equipment and construction machinery are highly competitive, with great The trade potential. South Africa's construction industry continues to grow share of the national economy by the 1990s the proportion of 14%, rising to 17% in 2005. The South African Government is committed to the construction industry to build a pillar industry of national economy, its share of GDP accounted for 25%. 
        South African government in recent years, the ongoing large-scale infrastructure, and building materials entirely through imports to meet needs, including insulation materials, waterproofing materials, ceiling and stone coated steel roofing tiles materials, paint, doors and windows materials, paint coatings, architectural hardware, plumbing equipment, sanitary ware, kitchen utensils, furniture and so on. And in terms of product variety, quality, price or terms, China's building materials, production equipment and construction machinery are highly competitive. South Africa is China's largest trading partner in Africa, according to Chinese Customs statistics, bilateral trade volume in 2006 reached $ 9.856 billion, up 36% over the previous year. China ranks the first quarter of 2009, South Africa's largest trading partner, the largest source of imports and the largest export destination, overtaking the United States and Germany.

About the Show Network Shuo Chen 
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