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STONE COATED STEEL ROOF Construction methods and steps / precautions

STONE COATED STEEL ROOF Construction methods and steps / precautions


Construction methods and steps / precautions

Weight bearing
Withstand construction loads, rain, dust, snow pressure, the maintenance load. The load-bearing properties of the stone coated metal roof and the section properties of the plate, the thickness of the material strength, a power transmission, purlin (Vice purlins), spacing is related to.
(2) wind pressure
Resistance to the local maximum wind pressure, the stone coated metal roof will not be a negative pressure to pull off. Wind performance and the stone coated steel roof and the holder of the buckle together, the density of the holder.
3. Noise
To prevent the voice from the outside to the indoor or transmitted from the indoor outdoor. Sound insulation material (usually cotton insulation acts as a) fill in the stone coated steel roofing, sound insulation and stone coated steel roof on both sides of the sound intensity difference, expressed in decibels. The effect of noise with noise density of the material thickness. It should be noted: not the same as the barrier effect of the sound insulation material on the different frequencies of sound.
4. Impermeable
Prevent rainwater infiltration from the outside to the stone coated metal roof. Rain by lapped joints or nodes into the stone coated metal roofing. Impermeable to achieve the required screw port gasket, concealed fixed plate lap joints with sealants or soldering process, preferably through the length of the board to eliminate the overlap in a variety of node parts of bloating tight waterproofing.
5. Lightning
To lead the Lightning to the ground, to prevent the lightning breakdown metal roof into the interior.
6. Lighting
Through the roof during the day to improve indoor lighting, energy saving. Arrangement in the specific location of the metal roof lighting boards or lighting glass, should take into account the coordination of the life of the metal roof of the skylight, and do a good job in the junction of the skylights and metal roof waterproofing.
7 anti icicle
Prevent rain and snow cornice at the formation of icicles.
8. Beautiful
The metal roof good texture, pleasing color appearance.
9 control thermal expansion and contraction
Control the contraction of the metal roof displacement and direction. Ensure that the stone coated steel roof will not be in a large temperature difference between areas due to thermal expansion and contraction of the stress generated by destruction.
10 insulation
To prevent both sides of the transfer of heat in the metal roofing, stable indoor temperature. Insulation function by filled metal roof insulation material (usually glass wool, rock wool) to achieve the insulation effect of the U-value, the unit is W/M2K. Insulation performance is determined by the following factors: cotton insulation materials, density, and thickness; cotton insulation, humidity, metal roof and the lower structure of the connection (to prevent the phenomenon of "cold bridge"); metal roofing layer of thermal radiation repeatedly.
11. Sound-absorbing
Reduce the reflection of sound, to reduce the echo of the room. Absorbing function through the sound-absorbing cotton laid in the bottom of the metal roof, and punching to achieve in the floor. The sound-absorbing properties of the metal roof is the absorption coefficient a.
12 moisture
Prevent condensation of water vapor in the layer of the underlying metal roofing and metal roofing, drain away the water vapor inside the metal roof. The solution is to fill the cotton insulation in metal roof, metal roof floor capped set of waterproof membrane on the metal roof ventilation node.
13 fire
Metal roofing materials in the event of a fire is not burning, the flames did not penetrate the metal roof.
14 ventilation
Indoor and outdoor air exchange. Set on the metal roof vents.
15 anti-avalanche
Set block snow snow stone coated metal roofing, railings, to prevent the sudden fall of the snow.

16. Non-polluting
Metal roofing materials will not cause environmental pollution, the surface of the metal roof is no light dye.

17 normal service life
The life of metal roof should be equivalent to the main building, such as 25 years, 50 years, 100 years.

18 Maintenance
Facilitate the metal roof over the maintenance and reduce maintenance costs.

19 cost
Control the cost of the metal roof of the building.

Metal roofing, the scope is broad, from large public buildings have to plant, warehouse, residential use of sheet metal roofing. The metal roofing is an effective solution to some of the pitfalls of traditional roofing.

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