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STOne coated metal ROOF(Guangzhou) International Building & Decoration Fair

STOne coated metal ROOF& (Guangzhou) International Building & Decoration Fair

Guangzhou Building Materials Exhibition pilot fourteen contained significant extraordinary strength brought together top brands to create success.

The NEW SUNLIGHT STONE COATED STEEL ROOF brand and meet at the 14th China (Guangzhou) International Building & Decoration Fair

14th China (Guangzhou) International Building & Decoration Fair (Guangzhou Fair) will be held 8-11 July 2012 in Guangzhou? China Import and Export Fair opened the curtain. As Asia's largest building materials exhibition, China (Guangzhou) International Building & Decoration Fair pilotage industry 14 upload, continue to seek a breakthrough to excellence. The exhibition exhibition area will continue expansion of 320,000 square meters, is the highest ever recorded!

Guangzhou Fair "professional" science exhibition concept of the exposition will continue, be divided into five sub-exhibition and 9 exhibition, various exhibition independently of each other echoes, comprehensive presentation of the latest fashion trends of today's building materials decoration industry industry trends, business and professional audiences to build integration-commerce platform. In addition to much industry and media attention in China (Guangzhou) International wardrobe Exhibition China (Guangzhou) International doors and windows Exhibition Pavilion continues to lead the industry wave, the exhibition will follow the market trend of the "big home" was first introduced integrated home exhibition, introduced to the audience the system mode show advanced renovated and fully reflects the most industry of Guangzhou Fair exhibition forward-looking and professional.

According to the latest data show that, even from the opening six months, but the industry response to the current Construction Fair warm most of the gold exhibition booths have been sold, the popular exhibition is a hard to find. Expected that the participants exhibitors will reach 2400, more than 120,000 spectators approach to witness this event for the industry.
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