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Shake XD stone coated roof tiles fair

new sunlight roof is going to join the new Exhibition in guangzhou city

                  new sunlight roof is going to join the new Exhibition in guangzhou city

ates: 2012/03/09 to 2012/03/11 organized by City: Guangzhou Preparation time: 2012/03/07 to 2012/03/08 Closing time: 2012/03/11 to 2012/03/11 organized the exhibition hall : China Import and Export Fair organizers: Asian Building Technology Alliance Association, Integrated Building Council of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Construction Industry Branch, China Municipal Engineering Association, Society of spatial structure in Guangdong Province, Guangdong-Hong Kong Economic Exchange Association, the Hong Kong Grandeur Group Exhibition Organizer: Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
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Bitumen-based waterproofing membrane
APP and SBS modified bitumen membrane, glass fiber tire, polyester fiber modified bitumen membrane, self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, colored gravel modified bitumen membrane, metal foil membrane and so on.
The SPRI systems and polymer membranes
Of PVC, EPDM, CPE, HDPE, TPO, waterproof sheet of rubber and plastic blends, and polymer membranes bonded materials, mechanical fasteners, hot air welding machine, stone coated roofing accessories and layering row, fell into the water system, including metal, PVC gutters, gravity downpipes, siphon water system and accessories.
Sealing materials
Silicone, polysulfide, polyurethane, acrylic, asphalt-based sealant, paste butyl sealing material, stone coated metal roofing,acrylic construction sealant.
Waterproof coating
Single / two-component polyurethane waterproof coating, spray polyurea waterproof coating, modified bitumen waterproof coating, JS composite / silicone waterproof coating, road / bridge deck waterproof coating, environmentally friendly acrylic waterproof coating, silicone rubber, asphalt base and cement-based polymer coating, the primary treatment agent.
Rigid waterproofing and sealing materials
Water repellent, waterproof polymer mortar, penetration of the crystalline waterproof materials, grouting material, bentonite, and water swelling clay, forever condensate (DPS), waterproof panels, waterproof blanket, powder swelling bentonite, sodium bentonite waterproofing materials.
Planted roof systems engineering
Specifically for the planted roof-resistant root puncture waterproofing materials, drainage board, waterproofing membrane of the metal alloy, planted roof systems, etc. Aerial separation material: plastic hydrophobic plates, plastic overhead panels, eco-aerial body, aerial net, grass grid. Planting medium: lightweight nutritive soil, light, long-term nutrition soil, light, humus, synthetic soil. Planting plant materials: general lawn, ground cover, trees, shrubs, lianas, etc.. Build drainage: a single (double) row version of water storage, drainage pipes and drainage layer materials. Management, conservation and related materials: special pesticides, herbicides, roof spraying and irrigation, lighting and so on.
Energy-saving insulation materials
Building insulation system: all kinds of exterior insulation system materials, external wall insulation system materials, waterproofing and insulation systems and related parts of the wall from the material of the insulation system, EPS plate and EPS external wall insulation, SM, XPS, PSP and other; adhesives, alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh, mechanical anchors, decorative materials and construction of ancillary equipment, all kinds of energy-saving coatings, etc. Adiabatic energy-saving materials: dry mortar, rock (ore), cotton, glass wool, ceramic fiber, calcium silicate insulation coating, expanded perlite, expanded vermiculite, expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene, cellular glass, polyurethane foam, phenolic foam insulation film, various types of insulation mortar; adiabatic sheet of asbestos products and foam asbestos, buried pipe, the substandard care of aluminum foil insulation material, and color steel plate, and related equipment. Wall materials: curtain walls, stone walls / stone fences, block walls, load bearing walls, fences, walls forming suppress equipment, prefabricated concrete wall.
Tools, equipment and services
Of UPVC, molding press / roll equipment, glazing, doors, windows, pipe, sheet extrusion equipment, assembly equipment, testing equipment, auxiliary equipment and construction equipment, and related materials.
Spraying material poly urine
Spray polyurea systems technology, pure polyurea, polyurethane, urea, polyurea raw materials and additives, paint, primer, layer interface agent, repair putty, spray polyurea equipment, automatic spray equipment, non-destructive testing techniques and instruments, ultrasonic thickness measurement, the spark pinhole detector, aromatic isocyanates, aliphatic isocyanates, amino terminated polyether, aspartic acid resin, adhesion promoting agents, defoamers, antioxidants, ultraviolet absorbers, antistatic agents, catalysts, flame retardants, pigments, colorants, release agents, mold release agents, high weatherability of aliphatic topcoat and so on. Infrastructure and municipal engineering waterproof material road, bridge using modified bitumen membrane, waterproof coatings, landfill geomembrane, diversion works and sewage treatment with waterproof membrane, subway, tunnel, special waterproof material.
Metal roofing system
Metal roofing, steel cladding, concrete roof tiles surface, the solution of industrial roof, PVC roof sheet steel, building cladding, skylights and dome, tensioned membrane structure, the corrugated aluminum roof and wall cladding, polycarbonate the ester roof sheets, wall works, roofing materials and processing equipment, of Lek table roof. Other energy-saving roofing systems and energy-saving technologies tile roof ventilation energy-saving system, heat-reflective insulated roof system, breathable waterproof energy saving roofing systems, spray foam polyurethane waterproof thermal insulation energy saving roof system; gypsum board, gypsum hollow board, light partition board, light quality composite insulation blocks, concrete hollow block, aerated concrete block, gypsum block, hollow glass blocks, waterproof plaster ceiling, waterproof wallpaper;
Related parts and accessories
Energy-saving seal pan-hose ventilation cornice, ventilation roof, tile roof, exposed sealed pan of water with fire panels, roof fire insulation materials.
A variety of tile materials
Asphalt shingles (color glass tile), cement tile, clay tile, stone coated metal tile, glazed tile, PVC tile, color steel Slate, glass, steel, tile, roofing sheet and light-slope roof systems, etc.
Slope roofing cushion material
Asphalt oil paper pads, coil cushion, polymer waterproof cushion, self-adhesive waterproof cushion, waterproof, breathable cushion foil reflective insulation cushion waveform asphalt board ventilation cushion.
Raw and auxiliary materials of all kinds of waterproof materials
Polyester fiber base, fiberglass tire membrane cladding isolation materials, asphalt modifier (SBS, APP), petroleum asphalt, polymer chemical raw materials and so on.
Complete sets of equipment and technology of waterproof material
Modified bitumen membrane production equipment, coil tile production equipment, polymer membrane production equipment, waterproof coating, sealing materials, production equipment.
Waterproof construction equipment and application technology
For high-speed rail spray polyurea urine substrate processing equipment and auxiliary equipment, shot blasting machine, polished machine, the substrate Calibrating machine, powerful fan, automatic spraying cars, vat agitator.
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