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Eco-Friendly & Energy Efficient stone coated roof tiles

         Lightweight & Easy to Install stone coated roof tiles 

A stone – coated steel roof is incredibly lightweight, weighing as little as 1.5 pounds per square foot, whereas alternative roofing products can weigh as much as 10 pounds per square foot. Lightweight means that you can install a stone-coated metal roof over most existing roofs, eliminating the cost, time and effort associated with the messy tear-off and disposal of an old roof.

Moreover, a relatively light weight of a stone coated steel roof swill help ease the structural burden on your home. The heavier weight of most other roofing systems puts more stress on the roof’s framing and trusses. This contributes to settling and leads to cracks on walls and ceilings, which in turn require costly maintenance and repairs. You will not need to deal with any of these issues once you install a stone – coated steel roof.

Eco-Friendly & Energy Efficient

If you are an environmentally – conscious homeowner, you will love a stone – coated – steel roof. Steel is one of the few truly green building materials on the market, because it is 100% recyclable.

Steel roofing systems can be recycled an infinite number of times without degradation. Furthermore, because you can install a stone-coated steel roof over your existing roof, you will not be adding more construction waste to our over-burdened landfills.

High Resale Value

In the event you ever choose to sell your home, having a stone – coated steel roof will not only increase the resale value of your home, it will also be highly appealing to prospective buyers. Roofs are one of the major sticking points that can make or brake a home sale; a stone-coated steel roof’s elegant looks, durability and longevity can be highly advantageous in helping you seal the deal.

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